What Pinployees say About Pinterest

Pinterest has an irresistible success among the different social networks.

Behind this nice tool, there is a company where people are working hard to build cool features for pinners. Good for us, but what to those Pinployees say about their company. Do they like working there ?

Here are a few quotes from people working at Pinterest:

Design is in our DNA. I mean, one of our founders is a designer!

Victor, designer

You can come in, pitch an idea, build it and ship it in like, a day.

Connor, software engineer

We’re building something no one has built before.There are so many things to be done. Pick one. Go.

Chris. Tech ops.

The people here are just so high caliber.
They’re thoughtful and hard-working, and they inspire you to be the same way.

Tiffani, writer

Pinployees - people who work at Pinterest

That’s said. Now you must ask why Pinployees seems to be so happy to work there? The answer is just below:

6 cool perks provided by Pinterest to his employees

  • A good salary and meaningful equity for all employees
  • The company offers health, dental and vision coverage for each employee and his family, paid maternity/paternity leave, on-site yoga and massage, and discounted gym memberships
  • Rest and relaxation.  In addition to 11 national holidays (I hear French people screaming to death), vacation and sick day policy is flexible
  • Food & drink. There is a fully stocked mini-kitchen with a large choice of drinks and snacks from almond butter to Cheetos at the office (For sure, this is user-friendly, but if you want to stay fit, I think you should avoid snacking all day long)
  • Equipment & transport. Pinterest provides Apple stuff or whatever their employees  need to be productive. They also offer discounted Verizon plans and commuter benefits.
  • Fun stuff. Pinployees just wanna have fun! That’s why Pinterest let his employees bring their dogs to work, throw holiday parties, host hackathons, sport Pinterest swag and dominate in ultimate frisbee.

As a conclusion, Pinterest seems to be a cool place where to work. I’d like my current employer to get inspiration from the list of perks above.

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