How to Write Incredibly Clickable Blog Titles in Only 12 Seconds

Lots of bloggers spend most of their time writing content. Indeed, content is king and quality blog posts are essential to drive an audience to your website.

But, when you think about it, what makes that people read your posts?

The title (and nothing else).

In a newsstand, what tempts you to buy the newspaper? The main headline on the cover.

On the Internet, it works in the same way: On your blog, it is the title of articles that tempt the visitors to read it!

Even if you write very good articles on your blog, you won’t reach the audience that you deserve if you do not get the attention of people with eye-catching post titles.

That’s why you must think about creating attractive titles for you posts. But, like most bloggers, sometimes you are not inspired or you don’t know what makes a title more efficient than another.

As you, I am not always inspired, but I always want to get highly clickable titles for all my posts. That’s why I have created a method, with 3 simple steps, to create easily efficient titles that will literally force people to click on it.

This method is based on my own experience of professional blogger and the analyses that I have made over more than 2.000 articles posted on my blogs.

Basically, people like posts which answer their questions, or explains anything about a topic they like. But, that’s not enough:  To get their attention and make them click, you must had something unusual or something weird in your title.

For instance, imagine that you write a post that will explain how to jailbreak an iPhone. If you entitle you post How to jailbreak your iphone, you  won’t get the attention of people because there are already tons of posts about this topic.

But, if you had something unusual in your title, you can change the deal: How to jailbreak an iPhone so easily that a 82 years old grand mother can do it herself

With such a title, I assume that you’ll get more traffic that you could expect with any classic title.

Here is the method, based on 3 simple steps, to create irresistibly clickable blog titles:

Begin your post title with

How to / How I / How this...


Your Header


Your Header


[icon icon=”plus”]

[box style=”1″][googlefont font=”Sanchez” size=”24px”]

Add a Linking Word like
And / Who / That / In / Without / If / Even / Especially / For / By


[icon icon=”plus”]

[box style=”1″]

Add Something Weird
to create a huge contrast
with the beginning of the title


Remember that the more the last part of your title will be strange or off-set, the more it will incite the visitors to click and share your content to their friends.

Last tip: You can strengthen the effect by adding the main subject of your post at the beginning of the title. Indeed, most people only read the beginning of titles.

For instance, you can create a title like this: Cooking for beginners: How to make a delicious cupcake in less than 1 minute

Got it? If you have any suggestion or any idea to improve this method to write incredibly clickable blog titles, do not hesitate to post a comment. You can also give me your feedback if you have tested this method on your own blog.

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