How to Write Incredibly Clickable Blog Titles in Only 12 Seconds

Lots of bloggers spend most of their time writing content. Indeed, content is king and quality blog posts are essential to drive an audience to your website. But, when you think about it, what makes that people read your posts? The title (and nothing else). In a newsstand, what tempts you to buy the newspaper?…

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What Pinployees say About Pinterest

Pinterest has an irresistible success among the different social networks. Behind this nice tool, there is a company where people are working hard to build cool features for pinners.¬†Good for us, but what to those Pinployees say about their company. Do they like working there ? Here are a few quotes from people working at…

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Super Businessman adventures begin today

Super Businessman

Hello there, I am proud to write the first post of The purpose of this new blog is to share entrepreneur experiences and to demonstrate that there are new ways to make business nowadays. Most people think that because of the economic crisis there is no way to make business for solo entrepreneur. That…

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